Sage Stance: Wisdom in Action Audiobook

Sage Stance: Wisdom in Action

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Audiobook Summary:

Stop worrying, let go of stress, begin living again, and connect to your higher self.

The Sage Stance is a powerful combination of Toltec teachings and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This technique allows you to easily and instantly access, in any moment, the wisdom and power of your higher self—your inner Sage.

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About the Author

John English is an award+winning author, alternative healer, and teacher of ancient wisdom. He is an entrepreneur who has successfully started three companies. English began the spiritual path by first recognizing the human capacity to dream one’s life into being. This led him to the study of shamanism, energy medicine, and Toltec wisdom where he has studied with several teachers.

About the Narrator

Beth Goldstein, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, healer, and teacher of twenty+five years. She is a certified master practitioner and trainer of neuro+linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis. In addition to a successful private practice working with individuals, couples, and groups, Goldstein teaches workshops and seminars on topics such as personal growth and empowerment, stress management, and goal achievement.




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